Songwriting Credits

IMDB – Independent Movie Database

In The Shadow Of Their Eyes – Directed by Gabriel McKail
Intoxication Of Life from Cherish Alexander is the theme song in the documentary trailer & movie for ‘In The Shadow Of Their Eyes’ which follows migrant workers fighting for justice and equality.

Too Young to Marry – Lifetime Movie Network
Hold On from Cherish Alexander’s CD “fallen awake” is featured in this made for TV movie trailer, “Too Young to Marry”.

The Winning of Hearts & Minds – Independent Feature Film
In charge of music supervision including writing, performing, producing and recording the score & soundtrack as well as acting in the film as the role of “Lipstick” in the band, Maxitit. Directed by Steve Becker

Tiffany – Artist
The benefit album, In Harmony with the Homeless release, (Miramar), included a new Tiffany song written by Cherish Alexander called You Don’t Belong Down Here.

Wheeler’s World – Comedy Central Networks
Created the theme song Wheeler’s World for this cartoon pilot for the Comedy Central Network. Produced by Vision Quest Entertainment.

Fashion Television – E! Entertainment Networks
Created a remake of the 1970’s Thelma Houston song Don’t leave me this way featured in two episodes

The Crow – Stairway to Heaven – Polygram Entertainment
Goodbye (Cherish Alexander), Don’t Leave Me This Way (a 70’s rendition) and a remake of My Bonnie are highlighted in the award winning episodes ‘Birds of a Feather’, ‘Road not taken’ and ‘Souled Out’. Bryce Zabel Productions.

The Teachings of Jon – PBS Entertainment/Waking Heart Films
This amazing heartfelt documentary is about how a child with down syndrome can affect the lives of others. Features a remake of the Young Bloods song Get Together, and What About Me (Cherish Alexander).

The Last Producer – USA Networks
The cast includes Lauren Holly, Benjamin Bratt, Joe Montegna, and Sean Astin. Highlights the song In Between. Directed by Burt Reynolds

A Long Way Home – CBS/TV
Caffeine being highlighted in the made for TV/CBS movie of the week starring Meredyth Baxter, Robert Urich & Diane Ladd.

Dante’s View – Showcase Entertainment
Featuring the songs Hello to June and Goodbye. In the vein of Thelma and Louise, Sheryl Lee stars in this action film about a girl on the run after committing a murder during an armed robbery in L.A.

Illicit Dreams – Republic Entertainment
Featuring the written for and performed by song World of Dreams.

Alligater Alley – NMN Entertainment
A featured film at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000. The song Good Enough was the title song and highlighted three times in this film about a day trip through the Everglades of florida.

Abrazos Charity Foundation – Full Forward Records
Hold On (Cherish Alexander) was the featured track on this music driven charity CD that benefits Breast Cancer Research. Available for purchase at iTunes & Amazon

I’m too [young] for this – Live Strong Foundation
Hold On (Cherish Alexander) was featured on this CD empowering young adults affected by cancer. Available for purchase at

Moshpit Software – Bill Harris Productions
Created two songs for Chicks of Rock and West Coast Rock as part of a four game computer game set.


Moby Chick – An all girl Led Zeppelin Experience
Bass Player & background singer in this all girl band for 3 years. Toured nationally to big audiences around the United States.

Cyndi Lauper – Sony Records
Cherish played lead guitar in 2 Music Videos for her Album ‘Sisters of Avalon’. Both videos directed by Cyndi Lauper. You can watch the videos here You don’t know where you belong & Sisters of Avalon

The Winning of Hearts & Minds – Independent Feature Film
As well as producing and composing for the soundtrack. Cherish plays the role of Lipstick, the lead bass player in the ‘Maxitit’ band, in which the film is based on. Directed by Steve Becker

the Painkillers – Shine Records
Cherish was the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter for the Los Angeles based band the Painkillers. They made 3 CD’s including ‘Medicine for the Soul’ and ‘State of Mind’. They toured all over the United States.

Bella Bazarria 
Cherish was the lead singer/bassist/songwriter for the Los Angeles based band Bella Bazarria. Their debut CD 13, made national acclaim with 3 singles & 3 music videos with over 250k views.

The Party Machine – Lionsgate Television
A Made for MTV pilot features the song State of Mind. Directed by Chris Owens.

National Radio – Shine Records
Goodbye written & performed by Cherish Alexander, was added to over 50 radio stations nationally.


Senor Frogs in Puerto Rico, House of Blues (Los Angeles, Orange County), X-Games Tour (San Jose/San Francisco/LA), The Hard Rock Cafe (Los Angeles /Las Vegas), Union Amphitheater (Las Vegas), The Rio (Las Vegas), Tower Records (Promo appearance), Borders Books (Promo appearances in Las Vegas, Modesto, Fresno, Palo Alto, Phoenix, Tucson), AIDS Walk (Los Angeles), House of Blues (Las Vegas), The Mirage (Las Vegas), KOMP 92.3 FM (Las Vegas) & many more.