Cherish Alexander

You Don’t Belong Down Here

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Sky rise so haunting on the other side of the street
Two thin white lines between where you are & where you should be
I know sometimes when you fly, you think you’re larger than life
Then you come crashing down you’re asleep on the ground
A king without his crown

*You Don’t Belong Down Here, You Don’t Belong Down Here
You Don’t Belong Down Here anymore, not ever

This park is an island in the sea of despair
In the heart of the city with angels who aren’t even there
I see you praying for hope, while you keep worshipping dope
The devils right by your side & I see death in your eyes
Will you live or do you have the will to die

I want to do things now before they become the things I should have done in my life

*We Don’t Belong Down Here, We Don’t Belong Down Here
We Don’t Belong, no one belongs anymore, not ever