Cherish Alexander

What About Me

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This is life, this is life, this is life, this is life

I’ve got this old friend of mine
She sits around with her head in her hands
She thinking about a love she knew
That’s crashed & burned
It was all she ever lived for
She looks around & she’s all alone
She’s so consumed with misery
She says, What About Me, What About me

There’s this guy I know
He was forced to grow-up on his own
He spent life taking care of everyone else around him
In the back of his heart, in the back of his mind
I know that he really wants to belong
But he feels he’s all alone this time

What About Me
How do I fit into this life
What About Me
I’ve tried so hard to make it right
It’s gonna take a miracle to get me to where I wanna be
There’s a miracle if you just could see
Open up & see it

As I look around I realize we are all the same
Just searching for a reason to belong
What About Me