Walking Each Other Home

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Mr chaser of dreams
Schemer of schemes
Always after some prize at the end
You live for the race
The thrill of first place
But where did it get you my friend
Best tables for one
Empty rooms with a view
All that’s your left with is you

*At the end of the day we all go the same way
Where we’re headed nobody knows
So on the way there it’s the journey we share
You’re not alone
We’re all Walking Each Other Home

The first one to give
The last one to take
It’s everyone matters but me
You won’t accept anyone’s help
Even when you are need
I know you’d give me the shirt off your back
But then you’d be left in the cold

Everybody hurts, everybody heals
Everybody knows just how good it feels
To lose the way & find it again
You know where I’ve been
I know who you are
Won’t you take my hand let me know your heart
May not change the world but it’s a start