Walk On Water

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I got your letter, ooh yesterday
It’s with the other I know what they say
This is the last time but it feels just like the first
You think you’re my savior as you nail me to the cross
I have nothing left to give
This time I’ll walk away

Now what’s said is done
You know me, I thought we’d win
I guess this time we lose

*Walk On Water
If you think that you’re Jesus
Then go ahead & heal me
Walk On Water
I won’t be there to save you
Better say a prayer before you Walk On Water

Not gonna lie, I’m slowly dying here
Those are distant memories are haunting my mind
Was it years of misery or just tears of us in love
It’s hard to separate the myth from the man
Lies are not just another sin
But a sign of whats ahead

What goes around comes back around
Remember what I’m saying when my hurt creeps up on you

Take a look, oh baby
In my eyes, can’t you see that I’m still crying
I’m slowly dying, oh, don’t you know
I’ll always be missing you