Touch Me There

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Ian Prince
  • Publishing: Violently Peaceful Music (BMI), Ian Prince Music (ASCAP)
  • Genre: Dance, Easy Listening, Pop

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There’s a place inside of me
I don’t let anybody touch
I keep feelings there
Don’t wanna let em get hurt too much
It’s where I keep the truth
Bound myself from eyes to see
Anyone who touches there has reached the deepest part of me

Inside my heart, inside my soul

*You Touch Me There, don’t you know you make me feel so good
You Touch Me There, like nobody could
You make my soul easier to bare
Every single time that you Touch Me There

I can’t begin to tell you
Of the way you make me feel
When you hold me boy
Never had felt a love so real
I try to stop it
It’s just a little too much to take
You lay your hands on me
I feel the fever about to break

Inside my heart, inside my soul