Cherish Alexander

The Way I Am

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Chris Dane Owens, Pieter Janosik, John Cox
  • Publishing: Violently Peaceful Music (BMI), Blue Revolutions Music (ASCAP)
  • Genre: Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock
  • Artist/Radio: Recorded by Bella Bazarria

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Running but I can’t walk
Screaming but I won’t speak
Touching but I don’t feel
Standing when I should kneel

*Chained to The Way I am, Chained to The Way I am
Trapped in the master plan, Save me from who I am

Searching but I don’t seek
Hurting but I won’t heal
Staying cuz I can’t leave
Praying when I don’t believe

At what point do I trust who I am
At what point do I trust who I am