Texas Moon

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Mark Leggett
  • Publishing: Hippie Hymns (BMI), Legativity Music (ASCAP), Bicycle Music
  • Genre: Dance, Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock

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Yah I remember
The way it was
The rain was falling
Sweet salvation in the Texas mud

I was a child
I couldn’t understand
How to surrender to this earth
With such dirty hands

Not a word was spoken
All the lights had broken
I still hear a scream deep within that room

*Mama, don’t take me down these suburban streets
The farther I run away the closer it seems
Someone lost their innocence, Lost it all too soon
By the Texas Moon

Yah I remember
The day it was
I saw a flower dying
I guess I saw too much

Unholy dreams have followed me
Will I ever learn how to truly love someone

No it was no stranger
Who produced this anger
I’m tired of living in this temple of guiltiness

Save me from myself tonight