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I gave my locket
A talisman from harm
She gave me a dirty needle
And shot me in the arm

I gave my love a flower
For all my faith to feel
He gave me a poisonous snake
Bit me on the heel

*She told me that I was her one true love
Forever we would laugh & sing
I never knew that she was gone
Til I saw her engagement ring

We spoke of how our bond was perfect
That nothing could separate
My love you’ve learned the hardest way
That we are not the same

Some people are full of light
Some live under a star of love
You are more the wastrel type
That lie until their loves bled white

*I told him that I was his one true love
Forever we would laugh & sing
He never knew that I was gone
Til he saw my engagement ring
So tell me where you roam tonight my love
Under the canopy of wedding bells
Wherever you are gone or going
I hope that you will burn in hell