Sunday Morning

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It’s 10am on Sunday Morning
I missed the bus again
I pissed off the nerve to get myself to church again
When I was just a child
Oh was I the perfect child
Now my imperfections creep back to haunt my perfect smile

Take me, Ah, Take me, Ah

It’s 10am on Sunday Morning
Only 7 years from the mud
I can’t seem to get enough cigarettes & coffee in my blood
But it’s always Sunday Morning
When I’m in my little girl shoes
Doesn’t make much since cuz I’m woman
I wish it was tomorrow morning

Take me, Ah, Take me, Ah

I have such a bad taste in my mouth for a such a sacred day
If I’m perfection will I go to heaven
Inside my head I see the faces of the preachers cry
Pointing their fingers at me
I wish they’d go away

Take me, Ah, Take me away
Take me, Wake me from this day
Take me, I’ve forgotten how to pray
Take me, Take me

It’s not that I don’t love you
But it’s time I spend some time with me
Trees are falling, Birds are calling
It’s Sunday Morning, Let me be