Say Goodbye

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Jessika Hallett
  • Publishing: Violently Peaceful Music (BMI)
  • Genre: Alternative, Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock
  • Artist/Radio: Covered by Jessika Hallett

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You stood next to me for awhile
Filling the emptiness inside
You captivated my soul & lifted the darkness away
That wasn’t enough to save me
I am my own worst enemy
Maybe I took for granted all the love you gave away

*I can’t cry anymore, your tears have run dry
Oh baby, please just Say Goodbye
Can’t hurt anymore, let go of your pride
And baby, please just Say Goodbye

I destroy all beauty I see
With just one touch of my hand
Blocking the hand that holds me
I don’t think you’ll ever understand
Though I see the pain in your eyes
No one is full of more sorry’s
Don’t try & reach for me
You’ll be better off alone