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All of her life Annie’s been running
Her innocence lost at 6 years old
She never told protecting her father
She’s running, running
Running from the truth

Mom can’t explain what’s happened to Johnny
Playing with needles leaves a mark
He tried to fit in now he’s addicted
He’s running, running
Running for his life

*It’s hard, so hard to feel safe here anymore
Hell waits on this side of the street
It’s hard, so hard to go face to face with your demons in side
You’ve gotta try, if you want to survive

Obsession can kill as Sarah would tell you
It’s there in the note she left behind
A bottle of pills is never the answer
She’s running, running
Running from this world

I live with the pain, I still feel the sorrow
I’ll be fighting this battle all my life
For too many years I have been running, running, running
But anymore