• Writers: Cherish Alexander, Willam Joseph Baker
  • Publishing: Violently Peaceful Music
  • Genre: Alternative, Indie, Rock

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I’m wasted, cheated & left here to die
I’m lonely, Mistreated, left wondering why
I’ve been locked in solitude
You’ve been locked in solitude
We’ve been trying to break free
Something won’t let us be

*I know it’s all you wanna give
I’m not asking anymore
For time can only heal the deepest of our sore
All I wish to say is that I love you anyway

My hands are binded, I’m down on my knees
I’m dazed, confused & left here to bleed
Silence is miscommunication
Screaming won’t help the situation
We’ve been trying to understand
Emotions that are out of hand

In our own time, In our own time
In our own time, In our own time