Love Is A Funky Thing

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Michael Cruz, Andrew Logan
  • Publishing: Hippie Hymns (BMI), CruzTunes (ASCAP), Andrew Logan (BMI), Bicycle Music
  • Genre: Dance, Electronic, Inspirational, Pop

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You & me we’ve got this energy
Got the power baby can’t you feel it
Up & down you turn my world around
This is it our love was meant to be

And I try, I try to get next to you
Get inside of your mind, make you love me too
If you just understand what I’ve got to say
Let go I’ll show you the way

*Love, Is A Funky Thing, It’s a happening
Boy you got me feeling groovy
Love, Is A Funky Thing, together we can swing
C’mon baby, get funky with me, get funky with me

Night & day you blow my heart away
You knock me out baby can’t you see it
Twist & shout you’re what it’s all about
We come together baby naturally

If you know what I know then express yourself
I’m a girl that will show you there’s no one else
Take a look at a dream that is coming true
There’s so much lovin to do

Got a funky love that’s got me going crazy
My heart’s in a spin, my mind’s in a daze
I gotta have you, I wanna move you
Boy, boy, boy I wanna groove you
Sweet sensation, good vibration
A funky, hippy, trippy love my temptation
I’ll prove it I’m enough, I’m your funky love