Kiss Me In The Dark

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Mark Leggett
  • Publishing: Violently Peaceful Music (BMI), Legativity Music (ASCAP)
  • Genre: Dance, Electronic, Pop, Rock

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Your body the way it moves, you really turn me

Midnight, No one is around but You & I
Silence is the sound
I wish that I could show you my desire

My body needs to feel your skin
Closer than it’s ever been to you
I wish you would, I know you could
Take control of me

*Kiss Me, Kiss Me In The Dark
Baby, You got me where you want
Feel me, Move me
I want you to Kiss Me In The Dark

Attraction, I look into your eye
Reaction, there is no disguise
I want you , to want my body
Just hold me in your arms
Sex me up until the dawn
I want you now, I’ll show you how
To take control of me

I’ll tell you my secrets
I’ll show you my love’s alive
I’ll whisper my secrets
When you Kiss Me In The Dark tonight

To touch me in the dark, love me in the dark
Move me in the dark, sex me in the dark