Follow Me Into The Sun

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, John Shanks
  • Publishing: Hippie Hymns (BMI), Line One Publishing (ASCAP), Bicycle Music, BMG Chrysalis
  • Genre: Alternative, Dance, Pop, Rock

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Come let me turn you on
I’ll light a candle in my room
Then we can begin
My incense in the air
A flower whispers in the dark
Listen to my secrets

Come on baby let me free your mind

*I’ll take you on a ride to heaven
Face to face with the angels in the sky
Let me tell you we can fall in love
So Follow Me, Follow Me Into The Sun

Tell me do I amuse you
Baby, it’s too late to say a prayer
So trust & close your eyes
My light will blind your fears
Come to me as I’m reaching for you
I’ve got to take with me

Come on baby let me free your mind

Come with me into my dreams
Take a trip into my world of love
We will fly