Cherish Alexander


  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Colin Johnson, Pieter Janosik
  • Publishing: Violently Peaceful Music (BMI)
  • Genre: Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock
  • Artist/Radio: Covered by Bella Bazarria

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Take a pill, Wash it down
Does it sanitize your mind
Strike a match, Burning out
Are you living in another time
Took the blame, Not your fault
Let the grey fade into black
Anyways, no looking back

*Think these pieces of my broken heart are starting to fix
Think these pieces of my broken heart are starting to fix, Starting to fix

You can run or take a walk
On the dark side of the light
Crawl into a little box
Cuz it’s safer on the inside
Dive into a wishing well
Is it heaven is it hell
Anyways, at least it’s not just another lonely saturday night

Nah, nah, nah I’ve never wasted so much time
Stick around yah, Cuz you make me feel alright