Do You Remember Me

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I was just a child
You were just a name
People always told me
We looked just the same
Looking through old pictures
Trying to find your face
Every page that followed
I saw an empty space

Now I think of all your lies
You never said goodbye
Am I just memory, Do you remember me

*Do You Remember Me, the child in your eyes
Do You Remember Me, hear the echo of my cries
Calling your name to see, Do You Remember Me

Now I am a woman
You are still a lonely man
Searching for salvation
In the shattered life we have

Now I’m following your ways
We’re really both the same
Searching for a memory, Do you remember me

Now you’re running, running away from me
Now you’re so afraid, don’t be afraid of me
I am real, so real that you are me
You are me, Can’t you see

Remember me