Dead Flowers

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And I relate it to me
As I climb up a staircase into the light
Leaving my friends behind
Knowing they were no friends of mine
They were following dreams
Chasing rainbows that they could only see
Trying to make me into something that I could never be

Walk slow, don’t run, don’t jump the gun, don’t laugh, don’t cry, don’t try, don’t fly

I believe dead flowers
Are a sign of peace
So beautiful their dead thorns
Always scratch me til I bleed
When I’m following dreams
Chasing rainbows
I hope that you’ll wake me
I’ll never sleep If sleeping
I drown in someones sea

So long, I’m gone, all done, moving on, to find a place I belong, alone, cuz I’m more

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh