Day After Day

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Claude Gaudette, Rayme Jones
  • Publishing: Hippie Hymns (BMI), Claude Gaudette Music (SOCAN), Bicycle Music
  • Genre: Dance, Electronic, Inspirational, Pop

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Dancing on the hillside with the smell of flowers in the air
In the clouds I’m daydreaming with the wind that’s blowing through my hair
When you think you’re alone in this world & all you feel is pain & sorrow
Look around at the beautiful sight, be inspired to live for tomorrow

*Now I’m feeling like a child at play, Day After Day
Living life the way it’s meant to be with laughter, Day After Day
Smiling faces in the bright blue sky, always shine
Happiness is in life that surrounds you, Oh, Day After Day
Day After Day, Day After Day

Trees dancing the birds will sing, listen to your heart
All around us feel the harmony, this change will make a brand new start
Time will come when you’ll feel the peace in the beautiful earth we live in
Suddenly you will come to your senses, be thankful for what you’ve been given

Don’t be afraid to love yourself, it’s time to open up
Be everything you wanna be, the high on life will lift you up