• Writers: Cherish Alexander, Don Kirkpatrick
  • Publishing: Hippie Hymns (BMI), Bicycle Music, Warner Bros.
  • Genre: Alternative, Country, Pop, Rock

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You say you went away
I know I went there too
We walked on stained glass windows
Inside unholy room

Now I lay in bed on blue sheets
Do you want her or do you want me

*Confusion, Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

It’s 10pm on thursday
I usually meet you here
With the wind you follow
It left behind your lies

Either way you’ll never be free
Not after what you’ve done to me

*Confusion, These walls are spinning
Confusion, Into my state of mind
Confusion, I’ve lost myself
Confusion, Oh, oh

The candles burn, images of you
The incense smells, just like you
The curtain fall, the mirror crash
I’m all alone, I’m all alone

Now you’ve gone away
I know we go there too
Still on every thursday
We’ll be there watching you

*Confusion, These walls are falling
Confusion, I am spinning
Confusion, I’ve lost myself
Confusion, I’ll never let you go
I cannot let you go