• Writers: Cherish Alexander, Don Kirkpatrick
  • Publishing: Hippie Hymns (BMI), Bicycle Music, Warner Bros.
  • Genre: Easy Listening, Folk, Pop, Rock

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It’s me are you awake
I just called to say
I wore your shirt today
It reminded me of you
All that we’ve been through
I’m just not thinking straight

Tell me, C.A.R.E. Do you Care about me

If I draw an endless circle
I’d write you name inside
Would you read between the lines
In the darkness of our pride
We both know it’s not fair
To let this linger on & on & on

C.A.R.E. Do you Care about me
L.O.V.E. Love is just a word
C.A.R.E. I wanna Care about you

Walk inside my church & fall upon my knees
Hope my blessings not a curse
Where’s the saint I once believed in

Has it gone too far this time
There’s anger in your voice
Resentment in my tears
Oh, You sentimental fool
Always thinking with your mind
For me it’s the heart