Brighter Days

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Don Kirkpatrick
  • Publishing: Hippie Hymns (BMI), Bicycle Music, Warner Bros.
  • Genre: Alternative, Country, Folk, Pop, Rock

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I’m on the street I light a cigarette
I’m so afraid of this mood
My simple dreams are going nowhere soon
This monkey is on my back
I’ve tried to get him off but still I can’t

*Who are we, What will we become
I know there’s more then the sun
Who are we trying to foresee
I still have hope, Brighter Days
Ooh, Brighter Days

I guess for me I’ve been through hell & back
Is there saneness in my memories
I look around I know we’re all the same
Will you explain the afterworld
Does Cinderella still exist

Will we ever know