Black Boots & Daisies

  • Writers: Cherish Alexander, Michael Jay, Rayme Jones
  • Publishing: Hippie Hymns (BMI), Michael Jay (BMI), Bicycle Music
  • Genre: Dance, Pop

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Get up & dance, dance
With our Black Boots & Daisies
We can make it work, me & you
So don’t be shy

*You take me higher & higher
With the love that you give to me, give to me
Only you can start my fire
You’re making me crazy with Black Boots & Daisies

You’re the one I love
I’ll never let you go cuz baby I know
When I have you near
I feel the rhythm in my heart
It’s crazy, it’s a brand new start

When we move as one
I think I’ve fallen for you this time my love is true
I know, tonight
When you spin round & round I know the one that I’ve found is you

I’ve been watching you baby
You make the sun shine in my heart
There’s no better way to make this love start