In Harmony With The Homeless

  • Released: February 27, 1996
  • Miramar Records

Songs written by formerly homeless men and women in collaboration with professional songwriters.

  1. Heart of the City-Brenda Russell (Beverly Durham, Bunny Hull, Ella Mathis)
  2. How Much More -Eric Lowen & Dan Navarro (Tim Law, Eric Lowen, Dan Navarro)
  3. Before You Get the Meal-David Morgan (Dan Bern, Fred Washington)
  4. Song for Thomas (Lay It Down) -Laura Harding (Laura Harding, Jeff Hull, Thomas “Snake” Johnson)
  5. Party by Myself-Dan Bern (Dan Bern, Fred Washington)
  6. Hope Is Alive and Well-Jonathan Cain (Pierre Baker, Steve Plunkett)
  7. You Don’t Belong Down Here-Tiffany (Cherish Alexander, Alan Roy Scott, Fred Washington)
  8. Homeless-Box Town (David Kopatz, Lillie Russ, Lauren Wood)
  9. This Blue Tattoo -Carl Anderson (Cecily Gardner)
  10. Turn It Around -Mavis Staples (Curtis Dudley)
  11. When I Find You-Marty Raybon & Lisa Stewart (Russel Johnson, Randy Sharp)
  12. A Building Condemned-Barbara Weathers (Marie Cain, Arthur Hamilton, Lillie Russ)
  13. Heart to Heart-Rita Coolidge & Richie Havens (Gloria Slkerov, Pamela Smith)
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