I'm too [young] for this!

I’m Too [Young] For This

  • Released: May 26, 2009
  • CD Baby!
  1. Weight of the World (Andy Dumiak)
  2. Hop Hop in the Flip Flops (Bradley Keys)
  3. Carousel (Brandon Schott)
  4. Hold On (Cherish Alexander)
  5. Slow Dissolve (David Thiessen)
  6. The Perfect One (Denise Vasquez)
  7. Favorite One – Oh, George  (Jamie Reno)
  8. All in for a Cure (Jeannie Kauffman)
  9. The First Five Days (Jesse Hershkowitz)
  10. The Ballad of Tammy Clothespin (Jon Gregory)
  11. What’s It Gonna Take? (Katie Reider)
  12. No Medication (Landon Dunning)
  13. Heart Place (Lindsay Katt)
  14. My Right Breast (Marianne Barlow)
  15. Dancing in the Sand (Michael Minton)
  16. Audre (Mimi Ferraro)
  17. Standing (Rachel Chatoor)
  18. Defy (Scott Slater)
  19. December Sky (Therese Brewitz)
  20. Rescue Me (Tom Willner)
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